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Updated: Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Making Canadian Suburbs More Age-Friendly
Written By: Jim Adair

As the population ages and the life expectancy of Canadians increases, therersquo;s a lot of discussion about where older people are going to live and how to make their communities more age-friendly.The baby boom generation is moving into their senior years, but most of them are not yet interested in downsizing to condominiums or moving from the...

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The Best Mobile Plans for Real Estate Agents
Written By: Christy Matte

Find the coverage you needIt may seem obvious, but the most important part of a mobile plan is coverage. It doesnrsquo;t matter how much data or how many minutes you have if you canrsquo;t use them, and this is true not only on your home turf, but wherever youre likely to go. If you typically stay local, that makes the search easier. But if you ...

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Ask the HOA Expert: Limited Common Elements, Quorum Rules
Written By: Richard Thompson

Answer: Common elements available to one or several members instead of all are referred to as "limited common elements". This means they are common but limited to exclusive use of one member as in the case of a unit deck or designated members as in the case of a private street.These limited common elements are typically identified on the legal p...

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Student Loans Proving a Barrier to Homeownership. We Have Solutions.
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

ldquo;Among buyers rejected for a mortgage from a lender, 40 percent had college debt, the NAR found.rdquo; Per the same study, 80 percent of millennials donrsquo;t own a home, and 83 of those non-homeowners said student loan debt was a barrier to buying.The NAR found that ldquo;Two in five buyers, like Jodi Meyers, cut out luxury or nonessentia...

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Will the New Congress Compromise on Flood Insurance or Are We All Going Under?
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Part of the issue that has led the bill to ldquo;languish in the Senate since late last yearrdquo; is, not surprising: Republicans and Democrats are on opposite sides. ldquo;The GOP-led House voted in favor of the bill 237-189 despite significant opposition from coastal Democrats, who believe premiums on high-risk properties could skyrocket unde...

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2018 Homebuyer Survey Contains Valuable Information for Agents and Sellers
Written By: Bob Hunt

This is the 37th year that NAR has conducted an annual survey of those who have purchased and sold homes. The most recent version 2018 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers became available in November of this year. The information is based on answers to a 129-question survey mailed to a random sample of 155,250 consumers who purchased a home betwe...

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Essential Garage Equipment for Car Enthusiasts
Written By: Realty Times Staff

Garage SpaceFirst, you need a garage with adequate space. A small garage might provide enough space to park your car, but if you want room to work, you may prefer something bigger. Chicago architect Allan J. Grant recommends that a single-car garage should be a minimum of 10 feet wide, and a two-car garage should be at least 20 feet wide, with 2...

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7 Rules for Choosing The Right Area Rug
Written By: Merri Cvetan

There are so many questions: Should the furniture be placed on or off the rug? Does the rug go underneath or next to the bed? How big should a dining room rug really be? It can seem overwhelming, but here are seven simple tips to help you choose wisely. After all, a good rug is an investment, and you dont want to make any costly mistakes.Rule 1:...

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The Ultimate Contractors: Real Estate Agents as Independent Contractors
Written By: Lewis Fein

It is this tenacity that warrants our attentionmdash;and deserves our praisemdash;because each agent is an icon unto him- or herself. Each agent is responsible for how he represents himself to the public, regardless of his association with a firm of solid repute or a strong foundation.Pardon the construction metaphors, as they constitute a descr...

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Updating an HOA Reserve Study
Written By: Richard Thompson

1. Component cost changes that happen frequently can dramatically change the reserve study projections.2. Rate of Inflation. Changes every year and directly affects future dollar needs.3. Return on Invested Reserves. Changes every year and directly affects future owner contributions.4. Balance of money in reserves. Changes every year and impacts...

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What to Look for When Signing Your First Lease
Written By: Victoria Schmid

1. Do Your ResearchTreat your commitment to renting a property in the same way you would carefully consider buying an expensive appliance or a new car: do your research. Look for online reviews from previous renters attached to the property profile in Google or on other social media platforms like Facebook. Search under either the landlordrsquo;...

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Many quot;Clean Upquot; Changes to Real Estate Laws
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Many of the changes are simply matters >Of particular note are changes in the rules regarding agency disclosure and identification.bull; Under current law, the requirement of an agency disclosure in a residential transaction is limited to residential properties of less than five units. That limit has been removed; the disclosure is now required ...

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Are You Overspending on Rent?
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

ldquo;Chances are if you are renting you are spending too much of your income on your monthly housing expense,rdquo; according to mortgage expert Kevin Pierce from Mid America Mortgage. ldquo;There is a long-standing lsquo;rulersquo; that a household should not pay more than 28 of their income on their rent or mortgage payment. This percentage a...

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8 Fab Ways to Give Your Home a Fall Refresh
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

We have to say wersquo;re inspired this year, though. Fall/winter/holiday trends are looking intriguingly inviting, and the new crisp weather and changing leaves has us craving texture and warmth. Itrsquo;s a natural connection, says MyDomaine. ldquo;When fall rolls around, the urge to redecorate always hits us hard. After the carefree days of s...

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Housing Counsel: The Future of Community Associations
Written By: Benny L Kass

Letrsquo;s analyze each one.DRONES are flying all over, and according to USI, if this is not currently an issue in your community, it will be. Marvin Nodiff, a community association attorney in St. Louis and a fellow member of the College of Community Associations, has written a number of entertaining fiction books about community living. In Dar...

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Earning Client Trust: The 3 Rs of Respect
Written By: PJ Wade

A buyer or seller benefits from quickly bonding with their chosen real estate professional, so they can all get to work on the tasks associated with buying or selling a property. How does a professional make it easy for buyers or sellers to believe their trust will be well placed when invested in someone they have only just met?bull; Confident, ...

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How Will the TCJA of 2018 Affect Your Taxes?
Written By: David Reed

Mortgage interest has been a standard deduction for most homeowners for years and is certainly one of the more popular. The biggest change reduced the loan limit on which mortgage interest can be deducted from 1 million dollar mortgage to a 750,000 mortgage. When you compare the national median home value today somewhere near 240,000, these new ...

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October Generates Donations to 18 Nonprofits Thanks to Generous Real Estate Agents
Written By: Super User

Peter Lunde of Coach Realtors in Stony Brook, NY has generously donated to Prevent Child Abuse America on behalf of his clients, Brian Hillman and Stefanie Valsamopolous.Dana Roberts of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Irvine, CA has generously made three donations this month. One to Folds of Honor on behalf of clients Matt and Erica McG...

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Making Canadian Suburbs More A...
As the population ages and the life expectancy of Canadians increases, therersquo;s a lot of...

The Best Mobile Plans for Real...
Find the coverage you needIt may seem obvious, but the most important part of a mob...

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