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Your Real Estate Career with Luxury Partners Realty

Luxury Partners Realty is comprised of 65 of the most accomplished and respected real estate agents in Palm Beach County and offers select agents the opportunity to grow with our team. The success of Luxury Partners Realty is due to years of experience and our network of international and domestic buyers and sellers ranks among the top in Florida. Under the leadership of partners Todd Lipsich and Rich Schildhorn, with over 40 years of experience, Luxury Partners Realty fosters agents in their pursuits providing state of the art facilities, niche training in Palm Beach area real estate techniques, and access to their wide areas of expertise.

Your Vision is Our Mission

Luxury Partners Realty is a niche firm specializing in Country Club, Waterfront, and above all luxury properties, but within this specialization we encourage creative approaches and diversity in the goals of our agents. Our commitment to our agents and their growth, within their respective field, has yielded an environment of growth, respect, and commitment that allow our team to prosper.

Luxury Partners Realty are only as Strong as our Parts

Each member of Luxury Partners Realty is given broad based marketing support and your gains are our gains and celebrated company wide. Our campaigns in digital, print, and visual media are among the top in the industry and our marketing department is comprised of highly trained personnel and is accessible to all agents. Beyond Zillow, Trulia, and Craigslist, our strategy is interactive and broad based and there is no avenue of distribution that is left untraveled. From billboards to the latest in real estate farming techniques, not only is Luxury Partners Realty a leader in marketing, but we are also committed to educating our agents in the latest in real estate marketing techniques.

Luxury Partners Realty invests in marketing, education, and state of the art facilities because the quality of our clients experience, should be reflective of the quality of experience our team members have with Luxury Partners Realty.

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Thursday, February 20, 2020

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