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Hidden Lake in Delray Beach is a gated community found west of Homewood Boulevard, not far from the sprawling Delray Beach Golf Club. It's actually part of a larger community called Clearbrook but collectively you'll find a collection of single family Hidden Lakes homes for sale with three bedrooms being one example of the types of properties available. Each of the homes on Hidden Lakes Drive has a direct northern view of the lakefront that gives Hidden Lake its name.

Atlantic Avenue is a roadway just north of Hidden Lake and you'll find many sights like the Delray Center for the Arts and the beaches to the east or the Marketplace at Delray to the west. You'll also find the Town Center at Boca Raton just a few minutes away which has stores like Neiman Marcus or you may decide to explore Boynton Beach Mall. There is even more to see and explore in the city of Deerfield Beach near Hidden Lake.

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