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Request Information for Edgewater House
Address: 2720 S. Ocean Blvd
Price Range: $200,000-$200,000
Area: Palm Beach
Status: Re-SalesYear Built: 1967
Floors: 3

Description of Edgewater House

You might accidentally overlook the Edgewater House Palm Beach, it's right next door to the north of the equally impressive Ambassador Hotel. Choosing the Edgewater House condo is a ticket to a waterfront living experience some can only dream of and it can all be yours at this amazing midrise that offers a complete and well rounded package.

Edgewater House's age is only a number, the amenities and features within are unquestionably modern. Spacious open balconies, large bedrooms, walk-in closets, stainless steel appliances, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t check out Edgewater House. With its location near the beach and a multitude of other great activities, you’ll definitely want to call this Palm Beach condo home. Anytime you wish to go sunbathing, just walk over from your Edgewater House condo home.

It's the Edgewater House and its location that really set the Edgewater House apart. As an Edgewater House resident you get to enjoy great beaches near the Edgewater House and activities that mean you’ll have something to do near Edgewater House at all hours of the day. Head out from Edgewater House and go sunbathing in less than ten minutes, enjoy a meal near the Edgewater House, soak in the ambiance in the privacy of your Edgewater House condo home, it's all up to you by choosing the Edgewater House.

Available Units For Sale at Edgewater House


Interior Space
MLS Number
863sf / 80m²
$232sf / $2,495m²


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