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Address: 350 Cocoanut Row
Area: Palm Beach
Status: Re-SalesYear Built: 1984
Floors: 3

Description of La Maisonette

La Maisonette Palm Beach is found just north of Chilean Avenue, the home of several acclaimed Palm Beach condos. Because it also has a very westernmost location, it manages to be less than five minutes away from the waterfront to both the west as well as the south. If you need to be close to shopping, dining, entertainment and parks, the La Maisonette condo is definitely worth your consideration.

Amenities almost become an afterthought thanks to the La Maisonette condo's location. However, you will still get to enjoy a generously sized pool deck with a shimmering pool and lounge chairs that allow you to sit back and perfect the suntan. The La Maisonette fitness center has all of the modern equipment to tone every muscle group. Two and three bedroom units make up the bulk of condos available within Maisonette.

You’ll quickly find the La Maisonette and Palm Beach to be an exquisite experience, the location of the La Maisonette alone being worth the price of admission. If you’re a beachgoer, choosing the La Maisonette puts you minutes away from numerous miles of sunny beach, some of which can be walked to from the La Maisonette. Additionally, the La Maisonette is near a number of restaurants, cafes and golf courses which adds even more appeal to the La Maisonette experience. You’ll simply love everything about the La Maisonette.



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