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Request Information for Nassau Square
Address: 381 S. Lake Drive
Area: Palm Beach
Status: Re-SalesYear Built: 1970
Floors: 2

Description of Nassau Square

Nassau Square Palm Beach is a small yet contemporary looking building found near the corner of South Lake Drive, right across from the water. This location is known for being very serene and highly scenic, ensuring that Nassau Square condo residents don't have to deal with the noise of the city despite the fact that the building is right within the city. Throw in the nearby Everglades Golf Course and Nassau Square becomes much too appealing to ignore.

The majority of the Palm Beach condos within Nassau Square come with two bedrooms and are incredibly spacious considering how small the building looks from the outset. Each unit is equipped with modern features and the waterfront views also provide lots of inventive to purchase a unit in this trendy building, the amenities notwithstanding.

You’ll quickly find the Nassau Square and Palm Beach to be an exquisite experience, the location of the Nassau Square alone being worth the price of admission. If you’re a beachgoer, choosing the Nassau Square puts you minutes away from numerous miles of sunny beach, some of which can be walked to from the Nassau Square. Additionally, the Nassau Square is near a number of restaurants, cafes and golf courses which adds even more appeal to the Nassau Square experience. You’ll simply love everything about the Nassau Square.



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