Palm Beach Condo

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Address: 3030 S Ocean Blvd
Rental Price Range: $2,500-$2,500
Area: Palm Beach
Status: Re-SalesYear Built: 1961
Floors: 6

Description of Palm Beacher

The Palm Beacher condo can be better described as the Palm Beacher Apartments since the residences within this building do function more as apartments than what one would consider Palm Beach condos. The classic building is a good choice for small families since it's right next door to the beach as well as the lush RC Kreuster Park.

Just because the Palm Beacher is an apartment building as opposed to a condo, it still has many of the amenities you'd find in Palm Beach condos like a swimming pool for example. However, the building's true appeal is really the fact it's by the ocean and has several units with excellent views of the Atlantic Ocean. What's more, residents of Palm Beacher can walk to several hotspots just by walking about five or ten minutes south.

You’ll quickly find the Palm Beacher and Palm Beach to be an exquisite experience, the location of the Palm Beacher alone being worth the price of admission. If you’re a beachgoer, choosing the Palm Beacher puts you minutes away from numerous miles of sunny beach, some of which can be walked to from the Palm Beacher. Additionally, the Palm Beacher is near a number of restaurants, cafes and golf courses which adds even more appeal to the Palm Beacher experience. You’ll simply love everything about the Palm Beacher.


Available Units For Sale at Palm Beacher


Interior Space
MLS Number
1400sf / 130m²
$2sf / $19m²


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